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The Best Kitesurfing Spot in Sri Lanka

Kappalady Lagoon is undoubtedly the best kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka. It provides stable wind, flat water lagoon and for those who are bored with flat, you have Indian Ocean 20 meters away from the lagoon!

The lagoon is perfect for any level riders. Most of the lagoon is waist deep, which makes it an ideal beginner spot. The wind blows from the ocean and over the beach, which gives no turbulence. Also, because it blows over the beach, lagoon water is butter flat for all you freestylers, freeriders and other flat water fanatics 😉

Try the Ocean as well!

Only 20m across the beach from the lagoon is the Indian Ocean. If you ever get tired of the flats, session in the waves is great for a change. Around 100 meters offshore there is also a reef, which provides lots of nice waves to play with. Perfect for sunset session - once you had enough, downwinder back to Kitekuda takes 2 minutes!

If you fancy a change and want to go exploring for a day or two, we offer a wide range of kite safaris to other spots which you can read about on the safari page

Kappalady Lagoon and Indian Ocean - view from drone with a lonely kitesurfer.

International Kitesurf Magazine Favourite!

Most of the beloved how-to video's by IKsurfmag have been recorded right here on the Kappalady lagoon! Thanks to the steady winds and flat water, we have long been the choice to make instructional video's. Check one out below!

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